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Profile: Tokiko

Tokiko, real name: Robert Brown, is an american propagandist, pedophile, and diagnosed schizophrenic. He is the secondary orchestrator behind attacks across a wide range of websites, using child pornography as his primary weapon. He used his audience to spread dangerous, anti-kolyma rhetoric and abused common anti-Russian sentiments on the internet to paint innocent people in a bad light. He is the creator and main developer of "Multich", a federated textboard website that was exposed for data harvesting and being a hub of deranged pedophillic schizophrenics.

Details (NSCP)

  • TL: 4/5
  • Crimes: Spam, CP Spam, Promoting Terrible Myths, Harming KolymaNETs reputation, Slander, Doxxing, Data-Harvesting
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American
  • Bounty: N/A