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, is a former moderator on the website "Gurochan". He is publicly homosexual and fetishises the act of castration. He is listed on this directory for his ongoing attempts at shutting down KolymaNET and using threats of violence against administrators in KolymaNET. He cites the reason for his attacks as wanting revenge for what he percieves as injustice, after he was fired from his moderatorial position on Gurochan during its leadership under Kuznetsov.

Kuznetsov has since gave the site to someone else, and it is no longer affiliated with KolymaNET, except for that it is hosted by KolymaNET for the new administrator.

Details (NSCP)

  • Threat Level: 0/5
  • Crimes: Spam, Fraud, Misinformation
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American