Profile: Tokiko

Tokiko, whos real name is Robert Brown is an American pedophile and domestic terrorist (member of the "ANTIFA" terrorist group) who tried twice to unsuccessfuly defraud KolymaNET. Brown is believed to be an undiagnosed schizophrenic.

In July of 2021, Robert Brown contacted a member of KolymaNET's Development Office and asked questions regarding a project he was interested in working on. Before signing any contractual agreements in regard to labor, the employee invited Brown to a development chat, where he could communicate with 2 employed developers. The aimed goal was to see what Brown's skills were and how he could apply them.

Before this could be overseen, Robert contacted Yuri Kuznetsov, claiming he needed help with his computer which had broken. Kuznetsov said if he would work for KolymaNET, he would consider repairing his computer. After this exchange, Kuznetsov went to bed. Brown took this as an insult and began to announce publicly he had been scammed out of all his money and KolymaNET had defrauded him of a computer repair. Upon waking up, Kuznetsov contacted Brown, to which Brown said he was a scammer and thief and refused to talk to him any further.

For 2 days, Brown spread false rumors on his websites and the websites of his friends, saying we had attacked him and "abused him" and "other mentally unwell teenagers". After this, Kuznetsov withdrew from the Multich project out of irritation with Brown.

Multich, being Brown's homeborn creation, was only inhabited by 4 people. Kuznetsov, Robert Brown himself, and 2 of his friends. Seeing 1/4th of the project leave infuriated Brown. In retaliation, he paid for a DDoS attack on KolymaNET which ended after an hour of unsuccessful attacks. Since Robert was too poor to continue paying for attacks, and now, angered by the money he wasted, he spammed images of Child Pornography across multiple KolymaNET-hosted websites, and unaffiliated websites who he merely thought were hosted by us. This includes Gurochan, Heyuri, Devyach, Ayashii.net, and others.

Pictured: Brown with his "ACAB" tattoo and his "Anonymous" facemask.


Robert Brown is a member of an American domestic terror group known as "Antifa", which stands for "Anti-Facist", but whos actions rarely reflect the name. Robert Brown has bragged about punching defenseless people with his brass knuckles, and got "ACAB" tattoed across his fist. He often boasts about attending rallies. Brown is an fervent supporter of the drug trade and once ran a TOR website which facilitated the sale of drugs using his software.

Despite all he is made out to be, Robert is not much of a threat to ones physical safety. He is "underweight and meek" in real life, as described by an Anonymous individual who has met with him. When he is unable to cover his face, he likely wont instigate violence. Brown also denies most of the accusations against him, despite their being enourmous amounts of proof. Brown lives in Seattle, Washington.

Later in 2021, users of KolymaNET organized signs to be put up across the city. The result was dozens of signs denouncing Brown's crimes being hung (legally) around his area. A user who identified as "The Red Guard" personally handed out the fliers to multiple people, encouraging them to report Brown to the police if seen.


  • TL: 2/5
  • Crimes: General Cybercrime, Flooding and spamming, Uploading child pornography, Fraud, Extortion, and Mental instability
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American
  • Bounty: 1500$