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Profile: Xavier Cisneros

Xavier Cisneros, aka maki, born in 2002(?), is a self described "teenage imageboard owner" and western cybercriminal who paid for a DDoS attack on KolymaNET which failed. He resorted to spreading false rumors about KolymaNET to harm its image. He is deemed no longer a threat, his irrelevancy means his rumors rarely spread outside his friend group.

Cisneros' proclaimed in a since-deleted blogpost, written under his other nickname, M3M0RYK1TT3N, that he was going to take part in the cyberwar in the ongoing Conflict in Ukraine, taking ukraines side.

Cisneros' also admitted to farming IPs[1], doxxing random people, and using social engineering to nuke peoples servers.

Details (NSCP)

  • Threat: 0/5
  • Crimes: DDoS attack
  • Sex: Male
  • Nationality: American