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Profile: Francesco Greco

Francesco Greco is a 24 year old ex-kolyma employee from Italy. In August of 2022, citing his disagreement with another employee, Greco went AWOL and threatened to leak confidential software, and also used his inner-knowledge of KolymaNET to create elaborate, fictitious myths about non existant schemes to take down his website. He was assigned to the 2nd Engineers Group (EN. 287 CC (16)) and tasked with work on a then-classified project, whos details, he later described in detail to the public.

Among his many fabrications, Greco purported that the API of one website had been completely turned off just to spite him, despite numerous others saying this wasnt the case, he held firm in his belief. At another time, he faked an email from his provider, wherein he attempted to implicate other employees of KolymaNET in a grand conspiracy to have his hosting pulled.

Greco has stated that he was originally very pro-kolyma, but at some point, he saw something, which he has not elaborated on, which changed his mind. It is known that the hiring of another employee, who he mistook for a sexual deviant, caused a great deal of strife between him and the network. After it was explained to him that said employee was not what he purported, he simply ignored the line of questioning and changed the topic.

Weeks after his dismissal, he returned, saying he wanted to finish his work on the archive. He was not re-hired, but allowed to continue his work. After working for a few days, he left without notice or explanation. Shortly later, he returned, angry that KolymaNET had decided to allocate the project to the 4th Engineers Group (EN. 270 CC (16)), instead of continuing maintanence on his unfinished, broken version, which he had abandoned without notice or reason.

Since then, Greco has spent much of his time disseminating propaganda and fabricating stories about his alleged involvement in "secret NSS operations".

By violating after 2 warnings his Confidentiality agreement, a notice was filed in the Service for Network Security to pursue immediately the ceasation of his activities.


  • Threat: 0/5
  • Crimes: Violation of NDA
  • Sex: Male
  • Nationality: Italian