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Profile: Blaine Ross

Blaine Ross, aka Belial or Unabashed Hermaphrodite, born in 1991, is an American pedophile and cybercriminal. Ross, who is a transgender woman first attempted to solicit sexual favors from Kuznetsov, the owner of KolymaNET, by writing his name on their body. After this failed, they emailed Kuznetsov with several requests for employment. This also failed, and after several hours of obsessive public behavior on one of Kuznetsov's imageboards, moderation staff removed his posts and placed a block on his IP address to prevent further posting.

Since then, Ross has went on a campaign of slander and cybercrime to avenge percieved wrongs against him. Starting out with threats to DDoS the website, followed by uploading illegal pornograpghy. Due to swift moderation, these problems were swiftly quelled. After this, he attempted to rile support from an online vigilante forum to "take down" Kuznetsov, given the mundane nature of Kuznetsov's recent public actions, Ross lied to the users about kuz's fictitious involvement in a child sex trafficking ring, ownership of an animal abuse website, abuse of women and children, murders, and more. In addition, attempts were made at doxxing Kuznetsov's family members through tracking his social media.

Due to the absurdity of many of the claims, he was dismissed by the imageboard, to which he then threatened the site and its Administrators as well. He maintained during this time that he had actually never even posted on any of kuz's websites, and that he had merely trained a bot to do it. This claim was made seriously. During this period of time, Ross sometimes spent upwards of 11 hours spamming the website with different material, as well as talking to himself, posting pictures of himself, and threatening to dox random users.

Given all these failed attacks at Kuznetsov and the users of the website, Ross is a severely mentally ill man, and has refused to cease his illegal activities. Because of this, a $1,000 reward will be given to any claimant who can provide credible information which can aid in law enforcement activity has been posted.


Ross threatens Kuznetsov over email

Ross has falsely claimed to be female

Details (NSCP)

  • Threat: 1/5
  • Crimes: DDoS attacks, Child Pornography, Fraud
  • Sex: Male, claims Female
  • Nationality: American