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Profile: Akima

Akima is a western cybercriminal who is responsible for the personal attack on Riley J. Bell, a KolymaNET employee. He "hacked" into Bell's website by gaining his trust over several months, then deleted everything and replaced it with an attack on Bell and pictures of his family next to violent/graphic artwork depicting murder. Riley Bell did nothing to instigate this attack, and was merely a 17 year old developer working on sublime projects for small pay. This attack caused Bell to shut down his website for several months. Akima was ousted in September of 2020, and has since apologized and begged for employment on multiple occasions, he believes he can use his social engineering skills to take down KolymaNET's enemies for pay, though none of his offers have been accepted.

Details (NSCP)

  • TL: 0/5
  • Crimes: Sabotage, fraud
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American or British
  • Bounty: N/A